Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Black Hole...Or How I Think I'm Losing My Mind

There is a Black Hole in my house.  I know it.  Whenever I put something away "in a safe place", it vanishes.  Well, almost always.  Today, I wanted a small piece of black Velcro to make an improvement on my tablet case.  I knew I'd bought black Velcro, because I could see where I'd used it already on that very same tablet case.  But, it wasn't anywhere it "should" have been.  At least to my way of thinking, at the time.

 Son and I turned the desk drawers and the entertainment center drawers inside out.  Checked every laptop bag/tablet tote/carry case and purse in the house.  Looked in my underwear drawer, on the dresser, in the bedside table drawer, on the microwave under the radio.  It simply was not anywhere that I thought would have made sense to me when I put it away.  I checked the kitchen cupboards.  The dining room hutch.  On all the bookshelves.  I started inwardly berating myself (that inner gremlin of mine) over how I had CRS disease, and how I'm always doing stupid stuff like putting things away "in a safe place."  Fortunately, this time...hours after the initial search started...a shard of light penetrated my addled brain.

 The sewing basket.  Of course.  Velcro is used with sewing projects, right?  I used to always keep Velcro in the pocket inside the sewing basket.  Might I have actually been sensible and put it there?   Could it be that simple?  Could I have actually been, well and truly LOGICAL, this time?   Feeling like I was grasping at a final straw, I pulled the sewing basket from it's place next to the couch ( back in a corner, against the wall, under the end table) and, after moving a latch hook area rug I'd started in 2002 and never finished, and an embroidery hoop, razor knife, some spools of ribbon, and a pair of scissors... there it was, still in it's original packaging:  the coveted black Velcro!

I might have found that Velcro, THIS time.  But I still am convinced there is a Black Hole in this house.  For example...whatever happened to at least 3 of my nightgowns?  And why can't I find that purple shirt I wanted to wear?  Can anyone explain to me what happened to the crock pot lid?